Saturday, May 1, 2010

Uninor Dynamic Pricing (DP) Plan : Details

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Uninor launched a new plan in all the existing circles,named as "Dynamic Pricing"(DP). aka Badalta Paln.
As the name it self reflects, its pricing on LOCAL calls changes time to time.

The details of this plan are:
Initially the customer is in a basic plan of 50p/min.
Then, as per the Dynamic Pricing (DP) plan, you will get a Discount on the calls in different areas of the same city. i.e; If your city have 10 Uninor Towers, If you are covered in 1st Tower, you will get one discount plan, the person in the 2nd tower will get a different discount plan like this all towers.

The discount ranges from 5% to 60% on the call charges. The  Discount value varies Time to Time based on network traffic.
These Discount info are displayed on your Mobile Screen ( Where you actually get tower location info, Cell Info). So you have to ON your Cell Info in your mobile settings.

So, when you get a "60% OFF on DP" on your screen it means:
You will be charged 60% less of 50p i.e; 20p/min (60% * 0.50=0.30  => 0.50-0.30=0.20) at that time. Like this your call charges are applicable. See below chart:

Discount Rate Chart:

Can't visible? Click on the image to see it Large!

If you want to enjoy this plan you have to be Recharge with
Rs.46 -For Existing Customers
Rs.48 - For New Customers
NO Balance, Validity: 1 year.

NOTE: Before you activate this plan, you should not be in any other plans. If you are in anyother
(Eg: STV 201,49 etc;) then you have to wait until it expires.

Technical Details:

All the Uninor Towers are updated for this new feature. As per the Uninor, this will monitor the network traffic and fixes the Discount price. Also,This will increase the Network Utilization.

What you say about this plan, will this make benefit for customers or not?

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