Thursday, February 18, 2010

Connecting to Internet In Linux/Ubuntu : Explanation

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In this Post I am explaining How to Connect to Internet in Linux especially in Ubuntu, Actually this will help for those who have a problem in connecting to Internet in default Network interface. So I will give you the commands to connect. So you have to run these commands in Terminal.

To set up the modem:

   1. Open Applications → Accessories → Terminal

  2.In the terminal type:

      sudo pppoeconf

   3. A text-based menu program will guide you through the next steps, which are:
         a.Confirm the Ethernet card detected.

         b.Enter your username given by your ISP.

         c.Enter your password given by your ISP.

         e.If you already have a PPPoE Connection configured, you will be asked if it may be modified.

         f.Options: you are asked if you want the “noauth” and “defaultroute” options and to remove
            “nodetach” - choose Yes.

         g.Use peer DNS - Say Yes.

         h.Limited MSS problem - Say Yes.

         i.You are asked to Connect at startup -Say YES

         j.Finally, you are asked to start the connection immediately, you can choose Yes.

 NOTE: If you are a NEWBIE then select all YES, without any hesitation. :)

   4.Once you have finished these steps, your connection should be working.

   5.To start your ADSL connection on demand, in a terminal type:

           sudo pon dsl-provider

    6.To stop your ADSL connection, in a terminal type:

            sudo poff dsl-provider
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