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Aarya 2 Review

Aarya 2 Review
 AARYA 2 is a much hyped movie and is said to be a preceded by 2004 movie ‘AARYA’.
The movie is said to be a musical hit and especially the song ‘Ringa Ringa…’ is a highlight to the movie. The movies moves on an average pace and the screenplay and the brief storyline are excellently carved.

Aarya 2 Story:
Allu Arjun and Navadeep are thick friends and from their childhood they compete in everything they face in life together. Navadeep always wants to be a step forward than Bunny (Allu Arjun) and is always competes with him in activities like studies, games, music, dance, and so on. But as expected Allu arjun wins finally and stays always a step forward than Navadeep.

Both the childhood friends get into a corporate company and the happening life is well displayed on screen. Incidentally, Kajal Agarwal enters the life of both the friends and the two falls in love with her in the first sight. Shraddha Arya also shares the screen space along with the heroine of course. There is a surprise character in a cameo role in this film

Navadeep expresses his love to his friend Bunny and asks him to help him out in the love matter. Allu Arjun sacrifices his love and with his funny and intellectual tricks helps Navadeep impress Kajal Agarwal.

Finally the big day arrives, and Allu Arjun finds that Kajal Agarwal is in love with him and not his friend Navadeep. Then the suspense element strikes the spine of the audiences. But in order to know that who will marry whom, please visit the theatres as soon as possible.

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