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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts

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iPhone and health – does this go hand in hand? Well, you may be bewildered at the concept. Hoe can an iPhone be used as a device for health care??? Such is the advancement of the technology in the recent times! iPhones have now moved a step ahead; it is not just a mobile device anymore. It has so much variety of features and functions.

iPhones can now be used in workouts! Can you imagine! iPhones, in the recent times, are a great companion for the health conscious beings. Come and take a look at the range of apps offered for the workouts.

Withings Health Mate App:

iPhone, Withings Health Mate

Why are you doing so much exercise? Do you want to lose weight? Or stay fit? Or keep your blood pressure at an optimum level? Whatever may be the reason; this iPhone app is best for you. If you wish to lose weight prior attending any of the holiday parties, you should use Withings Smart Scale. This is much alike the old scale with the new integration of automatic recording of BMI, fat mass and your weight. Download from iTunes

Withings Smart BP Monitor:
iPhone Apps, reviews, Blood Pressure Monitor, BP monitor.

Have you recorded a high blood pressure while thinking of the in-laws? It’s a good idea to lower it right now! With the help of this monitor, you can not only measure but also track your current blood pressure. All you have to do is wrap up the monitor in your arm and then plug it into the iPhone, iPod, iPad or PC system. If you have downloaded Withings Health Companion app, you can easily keep a track of your own progress. Get it at iTunes store

Zeo Sleep Manager Pro+:
Sleep Manager, iPhone, fitness Apps, 2013

Early commutes and late nights have become the current trend of the busy generation. This no doubt hampers the sleep and it is very crucial to have a good sleep when you are running at a bust schedule. This is a wireless lightweight headband which tracks the phases of sleep for the person who wears it. Once it records your sleep data, it gets transmitted to Zeo Sleep Manager app in your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone. Download from Apple iTunes

MyFitness Pal:
iPhone Apps

Counting the calorie intake is an essential part of any health conscious program. This is a good fitness planner that counts upon your calorie. This app enters your workouts and meals to the app thereby keeping a control over your weight loss and fitness programs. Download from iTunes

iPhone Apps for fitness

Keeping a track of the weight is essential to maintain fitness of your health. This is a perfect tool that can help you know the amount of weight you lose or gain. Don’t think that it keeps a track of the exercises or offers you some nutrition tips; it is only designed to track your weight information. This tool also allows you to calculate your average weight loss every day. Download from iTunes.

What do you think? Isn’t this really helpful for you? Get these apps for your iPhone and maintain a good health!

Author’s Bio: Susan Robinson is a yoga trainer. She keeps an updated knowledge about the different apps susceptible to fitness programs. Since these data are crucial for her, she maintains to get the best online data backup services for it.

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