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How to select a Laptop that suits your requirements

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Planning to buy a new laptop? Don't know how to start? Its easy to pick as there are so many classifications based on your requirement, but a smart option can full fill your requirements and values for the money we spend.

We can classify the requirements based on the groups:


Students always think  their gadget should be handy and portable. So they can carry easily to college and lecture rooms. Students need their device that can be used for browsing, document editing. Ofcourse, it should be handy for watching movies, upload photos and for fun chatting. For such needs, Netbook is the best choice.

Netbooks come with single/dual core processors, such as Intel Atom processor. RAM with a range of 1-2 GB, which is sufficient for computing  functions.  Hard drives will have the capacity of 120-320GB, which take cares your most storage needs. Netbooks are light weight (about 1KG) and portable, so that you can carry easily. The only disadvantage is its screen size, netbooks comes with a size of 10-13 inches and no optical (CD/DVD drive).

However, netbooks have VGA/HDMI port so you can hook to a big LCD screen. The presence of  2 or 3 USB ports can take care of your data transfers.

The price range of netbooks : Rs. 13,000 - Rs. 25,000

You can prefer Samsung, MSI, Dell.

Home and Small offices:

If you use laptop only for internet browsing then you can opt for 13-inch net book. However, if you want to run some softwares, photos and videos editing, gaming you need more power capable laptop. So you require more faster dual/quad processor with 2-4 GB RAM, 320GB - 500GB Hard disk. An integrated graphic card is sufficient but for gaming you can prefer ATI/NVIDIA graphic card with minimum 1GB.  You can have a choice from 14-17 inches screen, select the size that is sufficient.

You can choose Dell, Lenovo, Sony

Price range: Rs. 30,000 - Rs. 60,000

Professional and Business:

For professionals and office goers they require high performance processor which can run multi tasking smoothly, so opt for Quad core processor and RAM with 4GB. An optical drive is essential, so you can burn data into discs and give those to your colleagues and clients. An integrated graphic card will work, but opt with a add-on graphic card. Select 14" or 15" screen, so you can work easily.

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Yuvasena_4p said...

don`t buy e series model in sony due to it fails to cool....

Priyanka Chopra said...

Very good post that compares different requirements and suggests different types of laptops for different needs.

I am a student and I need to carry my laptop very often and therefore I bought an Intel Atom based nebtook and I am happy with it because its very light so its easy to carry along and I got it at half the price of a notebook.

Sudheer Reddy Putta said...

excellent guys, follow this, it really helps u alot

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