Monday, October 4, 2010

Different Computer Issues

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Computers or Laptops are now become the very important part of the Man’ life... One can never think his life without the Computer, whether it is for communication, information, entertainment, Computer plays various roles in the life of the people.

It’s become awfully irritating when the Laptop or Computer occur with some technical problem.

Some of the various issues for the PC or Computer not working properly, are:

Hardware problems:
Failure of electronic or mechanical parts is very common. You can get rid with this problem by replacing the hardware’s with new components.

Virus outbreaks:
Viruses are the very common problem. Viruses ruin the PC or can even cause total miscarriage of the computer. To protect your computer from these viruses you should have anti-viruses software download which scan the viruses.

Types of viruses:

Resident Viruses:
These viruses are stable and reside in RAM memory. They disturb all the process of the computer.

Direct Action Viruses:
The key objective of these viruses is to duplicate itself and perform action when the Computer system is booted. They can even breakdown your Computer password and destroy the system.

Overwrite Viruses:
These viruses erase the material which are contain in any files or folders. Eventually losing the data.

Trojans or Trojan Horses:
Another kind of viruses which severely affects the computer system.

Email viruses:
Email viruses extent through email messages. They advance it to hundreds of people through their email addresses.

With the addition of these viruses there are many more viruses which harshly affect the computer like- Worms, logicbombs, FAT viruses, companion viruses, polymorphic viruses and many more.

Slow Performance:
This is a very general problem occurs in almost every Computer System. Frequently using a computer for many years makes it performance slow. You can upgrade your computer by downloading latest applications and uninstalling unwanted programs.

Password Hacker:
For hackers breaking down of password are very easy task today, for making the secret code you should never use simple characters. There are many techniques, through which hackers can easily break your secret code.

Some of the techniques are:
Cain and Abel Method-The best instrument for recovery of the secret code of Windows.
John The Ripper – The very dominant keyword cracker.
Some of the other techniques through which hacking can be easily done are-
Hydra, Aircrack, L0phtcrack, Airsnort, Solar Winds. Pwdump, Rainbow Crack, Brutus and many more.

Author Bio:
Abigail has many hobbies and interests. As well being a keen blogger and article writer for many sites. You can refer more details about password hacker and types of virus in her site.

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