Thursday, July 8, 2010

Uninor Introduces Ready-Set-Call offer to get Free Talktime

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Uninor introduces a new offer " Ready Set Call ". In this, uninor sends a Message to customers indicating 3 different times on the day. So the first 10 customers of each time who made calls at the particular mentioned time will win a Free Talk time upto 1000 Local minutes.  i.e; daily 10*3=30 customers can win the free talk time.

The customer have to make atleast one call (Local or national or ISD - Any network) at mentioned time to win Free talk time. This Free talktime can be used to make calls to any network. The validity of the Free minutes is 15 days. Those who win the free minutes are intimated through SMS and credited with in 48 hours.

No need of any Recharges or nothing to spend to get this plan.

The Example Message you will get:
Ready-Set-Call ! Call time for Jul 8 is 3PM,5 PM, 6 PM. First 10 callers of each "calltime" will win 1000 Local Minutes Free. Get ready to call sharp at "Call time".

 From above Example: On July 8th if you made the calls at 3PM or 5PM or 6PM and by luck if you are in First 10 callers, you can win the Free talktime.

Anyhow Uninor is trying to get the customers by introducing new variety of plans. So are you Ready to Set Call ?

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