Saturday, June 19, 2010

JNTU Percentage & GPA Calculator

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Many students  needs to Record their marks secured, sometimes to represent their percentages or GPA for various purposes. Every time to calculate will make a nuisance. The following tool helps in doing your Task automatically.

Just Enter you Internal & External Marks, It will calculate the:
  • Total marks.
  • Percentage-Sem wise & Aggregate.
  • GPA- Sem wise & Aggregate (Scale of 0-4).
  • No. of Backlogs still.
  • Credits Obtained- Subjectwise,Semwise,Overall.
  • Grade secured- Subject wise & Semwise and manymore..

This tool automatically calculates the Aggregate Percentage & GPA for required credits. For Example R05 needs 216/224 credits. It will automatically removes the Least two subjects and calculate the Agg.

Note: This tool is only for B.Tech Students of JNTU, India.

Click me to Download this file
R05 ECE -  Click here to Download

R05 (All) - Click here to Download

R07 (All) - Click here to Download

R05 -> 2005,2006 Admitted Students.
R07 -> 2007,2008,2009 Admitted Students.

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Nikhil20k said...

i want to calculate ny aggregate

Admin ( said...

For calculating Agg & GPA only I provide this tool. Use the tool.

Yeshwanth said...

not getting download...though i selected regulation..and clicked on download..!! help me

Admin ( said...

ThanX for notifying me.... I corrected it now. Previous Drop down procedure is removed & normal links are provided. Now you can Download.

Rohit said...

Thnx Admin...but I've a doubt that whether can we reproduce the GPA which will be shown in this tool to universities in US??.

Power_ade009 said...

Thanx a ton!!!

Bhaskar said...

I calculated with all my subjects but from the ro7 batch there is a choice of leaving of two subjects 
making it as 216 credits out of 224 credits. pls provide the solution........

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